Commitment to Clients

We view the opportunity to work with clients as a privilege. We value the individuals and organizations with whom we work. Resero staff places the highest priority on integrity, and this integrity supports the fulfillment of our commitments.

Corporate Purpose

Resero Consulting works with experts and leaders to help transform the electric utility industry. We accomplish this by bringing clarity, purpose, and leadership to matters central to the effective operation and progress of the industry, working in three crucial and interrelated areas:

  • Industry Leadership: Resero consultants facilitate industry leaders’ critical decisions and initiatives by enhancing understanding of industry systems and leading with a strong belief in human potential.
  • Industry Policy: Resero consultants design market policies and partner with stakeholder groups to conduct major policy-impact studies.
  • Industry Operations and Tactics: Resero consultants assist system operators and market participants on matters related to market rules, strategic decisions, settlement impacts, and operational infrastructure in markets across North America.

Fundamental Beliefs

The vision for Resero arose out of our commitment to removing barriers that hinder the restructuring of electric utilities and the realization of restructuring’s benefits.

Resero’s work is based on three fundamental beliefs:

  • That a well-functioning electric utility industry provides important social, economic, and environmental benefits;
  • That the industry comprises many highly effective, intelligent individuals;
  • That by bringing wisdom regarding transformational processes and clarity regarding information and underlying systems behavior, Resero can empower industry experts and leaders and inspire them to achieve unprecedented advancement in the industry.