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Senior Consultant joins Resero

July 9, 2015Resero Consulting announces that economist Carrie Bentley has joined the firm as a senior consultant. View the Press Release to learn more about Ms. Bentley

Custom Workshops

We currently don’t have a workshop scheduled, but please let us know if you would like to be notified when our next Electric Industry workshop is provided.  As industry experts, we provide energy seminars and training, and are available to speak to your organization, board, or committee.  To learn more about what we offer we have included our most recent workshop information below.

ReseroWisdom™ Offers Workshop – Electric Industry Leadership for Complex Times: Nov. 4 – 5, 2014

Electric Industry Leadership for Complex Times workshop will be a special course on wisdom for industry leaders with Joel and Michelle Levey and Ellen Wolfe.

Learning to thrive—not just survive—in the midst of pressure and change is an evolutionary art known and practiced by men and women who are high-performing and resilient leaders. As leaders in turbulent times, it is essential to complement our education in the outer disciplines of business and technology with inner disciplines and technologies—those necessary to increase our ability to bring a deeper wisdom to our work and to the organizations and communities that we serve. The ever-increasing complexity and intensity of this era challenge us as leaders to develop our inner human resources and raise our “resilience quotient.” For leaders truly committed to living and working at higher levels of effectiveness and sustainability in challenging times, having a deep understanding of the principles and disciplines of high performance is essential.

Workshop Overview

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to an integral and multidisciplinary approach designed to inspire and inform a new generation of business leaders seeking to develop their capacity to respond to myriad changes, challenges, and opportunities. This course will introduce leaders to theories, principles, and disciplines they can use to develop themselves while working under pressure, and to become inspired examples for all who look to them as leaders.

Leaders throughout the Electric Utility Industry, Including Regulators and Policy Makers, System Operators, Market Participants, and Utilities will benefit from this seminar!

This session will blend insights, principles, practices, case studies, data, and potent examples of extraordinary success that invite leaders to consider new possibilities in their work lives and relationships. Learning activities will include dialogue, small group exercises, reflective learning, mindfulness exercises, and attention mastery practices. View the workshop PDF for more information!

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