Greenhouse Gas (GHG)-Energy Market Convergence

Resero applies its extensive modeling and policy experience to support clients facing challenges related to climate change policy design and those policies’ impacts. We support both stakeholders and policy makers in developing effective and workable climate change policies. Resero also helps stakeholders anticipate outcomes, understand the implications of those outcomes to their businesses, and respond appropriately.

Resero consultants help clients work through issues regarding California GHG impacts on electricity scheduling and trading and on renewable energy deliverability. We also assist policy makers who are contemplating the impacts of policy alternatives on the electric sector.

We use our extensive experience in the policy environment to decipher the complex models used to assess the electricity industry’s carbon impacts, such as the California Public Utility Commission’s (CPUC’s) E3’s models and Energy 2020. We also perform modeling for client-specific investigations related to climate change.

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